Desert Hot Springs

We offer complete doggy daycare services near Desert Hot Springs

Often pet owners who work or those who are traveling tend to require dog daycare services for their fur babies, and we’re here to offer you a spot at The Grand Paw. Our doggy daycare offers some of the most amazing services to help your fur baby feel comfortable, calm, and included.

They’ll have an opportunity to play with several other dogs close to their age and size so there’s no risk of altercation; they’ll also get one-on-one attention and care from our staff members who are as invested in their well-being as you are, and of course, they’ll get so much love!

Your dog will feel welcomed, loved, and entertained thanks to our activity-filled plans. We make sure they get plenty of exercise and movement, they’re fed well and pampered by our team during their stay.

We’re also used to seeing anxious pets at our puppy daycare near Desert Hot Springs, so you can rest assured that we’ll help your baby through the separation anxiety too. They’ll feel right at home in no time, and soon enough, you can leave them with us for extended periods, too. After all, we have plenty of boarding kennels at our dog daycare center near Desert Hot Springs.

Reach out to us for the best pet care near Desert Hot Springs for your fur babies!

Are you struggling to find a doggy day camp facility that is right for your furry friend? You’re not alone! Plenty of pet parents across Desert Hot Springs struggle to find a dog daycare center that meets their needs.

This is primarily because they feel their dogs aren’t being given enough attention or stimulated with enough activities, or they cannot cope with separation anxiety.

But our team at The Grand Paw does all that and more. We have tons of social activities, from swimming to running to other playgroups organized based on size, and we make sure each pupper feels included, welcomed, and has a great time while they’re at pet daycare. We want all pet owners to feel comfortable and happy with their decision to trust us with their precious babies, and we take the weight of that responsibility very seriously.

You can also contact us for pet boarding near Desert Hot Springs. Whether for a few days, or a longer vacation, you can entrust us with your dog or puppy, and we’ll make sure they’re treated like royalty. Our luxury dog boarding includes meals, grooming services, activities, and much more. It’s everything your dog can dream of!


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The Grand Paw Lobby may be closed for pick-ups and drop-offs on major holidays.
Please call for specific holiday hour information.

Tour & Temperament Test Hours
The Grand Paw offers Tours and Temperament Tests Monday through Saturday, 9:00 – 11:00 and 2:00 – 4:00 by appointment only. Please make sure that you come in when you are not in a hurry. If you bring your pet for a tour, or would like us to perform a temperament test, please make sure to bring along a copy of your pet’s vaccination record (Canine Influenza, Bordetella, DHPP, and Rabies).