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Need to Travel? Give Your Pet a Fun-Filled Vacation

Luxury Boarding

Whether you’re getting away for a relaxing weekend or traveling the world for the summer, when your pets stay with us, they’re part of our Grand Paw Family.


For dogs that like more privacy and the amenities of home, our luxury suites have French doors and velvet curtains, with their own flat-screen TV playing animal-themed movies throughout the day. Each suite has plush bedding, some with off-the-floor raised toddler beds. You can think of our suites as small bedrooms off a cozy living room, with a couch and pillows for extra TLC sessions.


For dogs who like to be where the action is, our cabanas offer glass-front doors, solid side walls, and the ability to watch all the fellow guests socializing or at play. Our cabanas are good for young dogs, dogs with separation anxiety, or dogs who simply want to be in the middle of everything all the time.

Included in our Boarding…

  • Both our suites and our cabanas include a half day of play for dogs who meet our social play criteria. For more active dogs, we also offer a full day of play option.
  • For dogs not well suited to playing with a group, or dogs who prefer their own space, both boarding accommodations include six to eight potty-break trips to our outdoor yards throughout the day.
  • What’s more, we offer one-on-one play sessions that can be customized to the needs of your pet – from playing ball or diving into our full-sized swimming pool to taking a long walk or enjoying a cuddle session in their room. Our loving staff are always at the service of our honored guests.
  • If your pet will be staying overnight, we ask that you bring their food with you so that we can provide our in-room meal service, just as it is prepared at home. We also encourage bringing a bed, blanket, or toy with smells from home.