If you’re a proud dog owner, we salute you! Dogs are among the most loyal and caring animals in the world. However, their behavior and mannerisms depend on their owners. Pups are like kids—the more time you invest in teaching them, the better trained they’ll be. But what tricks should you teach your furry best friend?

Here are three of the most basic tricks to teach your pup.

1. Sit & Stay

Imagine owning a dog that’s constantly running around the room. We wouldn’t be surprised if your head started spinning! Unfortunately, if your dog suffers from hyperkinesis then this isn’t avoidable without medicine. However, most pups learn to sit on command with ease. We recommend using doggy treats to positively reinforce this behavior in your fur baby.

Start by giving them a treat every time they sit, then gradually get them to associate the behavior with the word “sit.” Once they’ve learned this, extend their training to incorporate staying in one place.

It’s important to be patient while teaching them and not resort to punishing them if they don’t follow orders. Punishment will create doubts in your pup’s head and prevent them from learning commands properly!

2. Stand

One of the most basic and easiest tricks to teach your pup is standing. The best way to teach your dog this trick is by holding their favorite treat above their head. They’ll naturally pop up on their hind legs and raise their heads to grab the treat out of your hand!

Start by keeping the treat low before gradually raising it as they grow. If you’re patient, they’ll slowly grow accustomed to sitting back on their hind legs and standing on command before you know it.

3. Fetch

Once your pup knows how to sit and stand, there’s only one basic trick left before moving on to the more advanced stuff—fetching. Some breeds like retrievers love to play fetch as they were bred for this very purpose. If your dog loves to play fetch, it’s ideal to teach them this trick by using their favorite toy or a ball.

Get them to smell the item they’re going to fetch before placing it at a distance away from them. Start by giving them a treat every time they pick up the item. Once they’re accustomed to picking it up, get them to bring it over to you and reward them every time they do. Be patient with them throughout this process and you’ll be playing fetch with them in no time!

A dog holding a toy

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