Is your dog bored because of staying indoors? It’s time to play some fun games with it!

While humans can be comforted for hours by a screen, dogs need a constant dose of movement, activity, challenges and excitement to keep active.

Here are some fun indoor games you can play with your dog. If you’re looking for outdoor places for your dog, a pet resort is would be a great option.

Hide and seek

When playing hide and seek with your dog, you need to ensure that your dog understands the command “find it.” The next step is to show your dog the item you plan to hide, such as a treat or a toy. When your dog has become familiar with the object, move it to another place where it’s out of sight.

Use the command “find it” and your dog will start looking for that hidden item. It’s going to be fun watching your dog roam around the house searching for something. You might want to film this moment!

Your dog might have trouble hunting the object, but you can help it by walking closer to the hidden object or giving vocal clues.

Scavenger hunt

This might sound similar to hide-and-seek, but it’s not. It’s going to be more amusing for you and your furry friends, though! This game can also brush up your dog’s olfactory senses and problem-solving skills.

To play scavenger hunt, you first need to gather your dog’s favorite toys and treats. Next, scatter them all around your house, preferably in places your dog doesn’t visit frequently.

Finally, give your dog a call to play. At first, your pet might be clueless, so you’ll need to show it a few objects. But as it starts catching up, watch your doggo excitedly sniffing corners and yelping in joy when it discovers its favorite stuff!

a dog inside a cardboard box

Puzzle toys

Some dogs tend to go a little restless without constant supervision. If yours is the type to go restless from time to time, then this is the best game to play with your doggo.

Get a puzzle toy suited to your dog’s size. Fill it with its favorite treat (peanut butter would be great!). Make sure your dog knows the instructions. Then watch your four-legged friend get in action mode!

Indoors games are great for rainy Saturdays or cold winter evenings. But pretty soon, your dog will get bored and crave to socialize with other doggos.

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