Although most of the time, all your dog is going to want to do is play fetch and cuddle, don’t be fooled! Dogs are incredibly talented creatures, and since they’re usually not lazy like cats, they can be trained to do some pretty cool tricks.

Certain dog breeds are easier to train, but in our experience, a handful of their favorite treats are enough to get even the toughest dogs to do anything you want. Here are some fun tricks to try:

Teach Them to Jump Rope Like A Pro

Very few dogs can do this, but with positive reinforcement and determination, you can teach your dog to jump rope like a pro.

  1. Start with their favorite toy; you don’t need a rope at this point.
  2. Hold the toy up in the air and verbally encourage them to try and reach it.
  3. If they’re not jumping, try jumping yourself while asking the dog to jump as well.
  4. Once it starts jumping, keep at it for a while, and hand them the ball after a few jumps.
  5. In the next session, incorporate an invisible jump rope along with the toy that they will start recognizing as a cue to jump.
  6. Finally, introduce the jump rope (at this point, you’ll need another person to hold the other end) and give them the toy after one jump.
  7. Once they’ve practiced enough, you can do multiple jumps while keeping the toy in one hand the entire time.

Make sure to sound excited and keep encouraging your dog, as it will definitely feed off of that energy.

The Dancing Dog

Who doesn’t want to dance with their dog on a random Saturday night in? If your dog can stand on its hind-legs, you’re already halfway there.

  1. Take a treat or their favorite toy and hold it a bit higher up their nose.
  2. Keep encouraging verbally until they stand on their hind-legs to take the treat.
  3. Once they’re able to stand long enough, you can start moving the treat around while encouraging them to follow your movements.
  4. Once your dog is comfortable on its hind legs, then you can add spins and twirls over time.

Teach Them Eccentric Commands

A really cool thing to teach your dog is a different language or terminology. Almost all dogs will respond to sit, fetch, and rollover but it would be pretty fun if they can understand these simple commands in, let’s say, French, or Latin, or maybe Shakespearean phrases!

You can also teach your dog to do cute things like a kiss or give high-fives. And if you’re a Potter-head, maybe your commands could be spells! For instance, accio could be a replacement for fetch. Or stupefy to make them stop.  And Avada kedavara for playing dead! The possibilities are endless.

All you have to really do is use these words during initial training instead of plain English.


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