Is your once lively and energetic dog suddenly feeling down and sluggish?

If your dog has been looking tired lately and refuses to engage in activities and playtime, then this is something you need to be concerned about.

From depression and social detachment to other underlying health issues, there are numerous reasons why your dog isn’t radiating the same energy as it did before.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for such behavior.

Take Your Dog’s Age Into Consideration

As dogs grow older and reach their golden years – between five to seven years – they may not exhibit the same energy as they used to.  Senior dogs prefer to lie around and rest rather than bouncing from place to place.

Over time, dogs tend to become more sensitive to temperature changes, get tired faster, may suffer from blurry vision, and may also suffer from hearing loss. These health conditions can limit their mobility.

This is simply the natural aging process taking over, so there’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is care for them a little more to make this transition easier.

Temperature Changes

Who doesn’t love the summer? Clear blue skies with the sun shining is the perfect atmosphere to have fun and enjoy by the beach or pool. But cooling down your body after enjoying a hot summer day may be more work than you think.

If the temperature is hot, you may notice your dog’s energy levels dropping. They prefer staying indoor to enjoy the cool air and shade themselves from the sun. In this case, make sure you keep your dog hydrated and safe from the sun. Also, be on the lookout for signs of heat strokes or exhaustion in your dog.

Dogs on the swing in a park


As mentioned above, being low on energy may be because of a bigger problem like depression. There are various reasons your dog could be depressed, like separation anxiety, loss of social interaction, or staying alone for too long.

Try to keep them engaged in fun activities or take them outdoors to interact and mingle with fellow dogs. Take them to the vet if the condition persists.

Send your dog to a resort where they can refuel and unwind.

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