Nobody likes to cuddle with a dog that’s smelling or hasn’t been brushed in weeks. If you have a dog, you need to make sure that you’re grooming them regularly.

Their health and safety depend on their grooming routine. But more than that, the cleanliness of your house depends on how clean your dog is! You don’t want your home to start smelling like a litter. In order to maintain hygiene inside the house, it’s important to maintain a cleanliness regimen for your dog.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Have the Right Accessories 

Just as it’s important for you to have your skincare products, it’s essential to have a set of grooming accessories for your dog. These include clippers, combs, brushes, slicker brushes, blades and dog collars for when you feel like dressing them up. These tools aren’t hard to find, you can find them at any nearby pet store or online. You can’t groom your pet unless you have some basic grooming tools.

Test the Tools 

small puppy barking mouth open in joy

If you’re a first-time pet parent, let us tell you that clipping nails is not going to be easy! Dogs tend to freak out at the sharp noise it makes when their nails are being trimmed. But this doesn’t have to happen if you have the right nail clipper. Test the one that makes the least noise and you’ll be good to go.

Similarly, some brushes have bristles that are too hard or too soft. In either case, they’ll not be as effective in grooming as you want them to be. Test the brushes you have and select the one that your dog likes best! And finally, when you get down to clean them up, make sure to minimize any distractions like the TV, other people or the vacuum machine buzzing in the vicinity.

Be Careful With Fur 

If you’re in the habit of brushing your own hair mercilessly, don’t use the same tactics on your dog. Dogs don’t like their fur being tugged or pulled at. This is why, you need to make sure the scissors are sharp or the trimmer blades are clean when you’re trimming it. This will prevent any discomfort to the dog.

If you’re using grooming clippers for shaving around the head or ears, make sure they’re sharp enough to reach the innermost crevices and cut the hair in one swift motion. You may not be able to hold them down for very long so make sure you’re quick and efficient while grooming overgrown fur.

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