Have you ever noticed your dog hiding in a corner when fireworks go off outside? It’s natural for a dog to look for a quiet and comfortable space whenever they feel overwhelmed—and that’s where crates come in handy!

Crates are ideal for managing a dog’s behavior and training them to remain alone without engaging in destructive habits. But what type of crates are suitable for dog training?

Here are three of the best types of crates to train your dog.

Soft Crates

If you’ve ever seen a dog crate with a hard bottom and soft sides, chances are you’ve seen a soft crate! The walls of a soft crate are often made with a soft material like fabric. Therefore, they’re great for training pups that respond well to comfy environments.

Soft crates are also easy to carry because they’re extremely lightweight. This makes them ideal for owners that must train their doggos in multiple places like police officers do with K-9 units.

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates resemble milk crates with a hard plastic bottom and walls. They’re one of the most affordable types of dog crates and are extremely easy to clean. This makes them ideal for high-maintenance pups that are likely to pee out of excitement during training.

Unfortunately, plastic crates aren’t ideal if you want to train your dog in multiple locations since they’re difficult to store and transport.

Metal Crates

If you own a big dog, metal crates are your best bet to train them! Metal crates are extremely difficult to chew through compared to plastic and soft-sided crates. Therefore, they’re perfect for training dogs undergoing teething issues or breeds like pit bulls that are more prone to biting than other breeds. They’re also great to train dogs that require plenty of ventilation and visibility.

A dog on a leash

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