Do you have to fly for a work meeting on Monday? Or maybe you have a weekend trip which means you need to figure out who will take care of your dogs while you are away?

Perhaps you are looking for a daycare for your pups? Or maybe you have a pup who wants to play with other dogs, and his social needs are not being met. If you are, you have made the right decision.

Choosing a certified daycare from the 16,000 available ones in the US is tough, but the right one can help take care of your pet better. Plus, it is always wiser than asking a neighbor or friend for a favor.

Here’s why:


At daycare, your dog will be supervised and monitored by certified staff at all times. Not only this, the dogs will be involved and entertained.

They will have access to a climate-controlled play area and, if they prefer, a large outdoor play area too, including a swimming pool just for them.

Just Fun- No Diseases

A good daycare will always require proof of your dog’s vaccinations before admission. Most daycares also need to know whether your dogs had a neutering or spaying treatment before they turned one year old.

At The Grand Paw, we have the best stylists and groomers, and professionals trained in animal health and safety, and are available on-site 24/7.


Keep Your Dog Happy

Quite a few times, we notice that dogs misbehave or act out due to an underlying problem.

They may be bored, frustrated or agitated, or even stressed. This could be due to many reasons. But sometimes, it is due to boredom and a lack of exercise.

Do not leave your dog alone or at a stranger’s place.

Instead, opt for our dog daycare center. You can also get your dog groomed by a professional dog grooming service here at The Grand Paw. We also conduct daily monitoring and wellness checks for all the dogs at our resort.

So, let him enjoy his time at the daycare that was awarded “Neighborhood Favorite Winner” in 2019 by Nextdoor. Our services of dog boarding and dog daycare facilities are offered seven days a week. Contact us to learn more about our services.