Separation anxiety is a common complaint of dog parents. It’s typically reported as excessive whining, howling, or barking after being left alone or experiencing a substantial change (i.e., ownership, environment, or routine). In addition, signs of separation anxiety may be reported as drooling or panting more than usual, multiple attempts to escape, and signs of indulging in destructive behaviors (for example, indoor accidents such as scratching, digging, and chewing).

Don’t leave the poor fellow stewing in their loneliness — here are ways in which you can help your pet cope with anxiety during your absence:

1. Don’t Disrupt Your Dog’s Routine

A dog needs to follow a structured routine to remain healthy and happy. For a social dog, a doggie daycare run by certified pet caregivers is a great option! It allows them to socialize with fellow canines and indulge in indoor and outdoor play. Informed supervisors can also take action in time of need — they know how often the dog needs to be fed, how frequently they need bathroom breaks, and when they could use a nap.

2. Familiarize Your Pet with Their Place of Stay

When you opt for pet boarding, you need to ensure that your dog likes it there. Take your pup for an initial visit to see how they react. If it doesn’t go too well the first time around, you want to visit the facility multiple times to see if there are chances of comfort levels improving.

3. Make Transitions Easier

Even as a pet parent, you can’t stay restricted to your home.There’s nothing to be guilty about when leaving your pet out at daycare or boarding. However, you should make conscious efforts to make the transitioning period easier for your pet. The caretaker should be informed about what makes your dog happy or fearful to act accordingly. You should also pack their favorite toys to have a memory and scent of home.

Playing with fellow canines at the dog daycare center reduces stress, improves health, and encourages socialization.

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