Most people wonder if dogs are capable of expressing emotions.

We believe, and studies indicate, that dogs’ brains are indeed capable of feeling various emotions. Most dog owners are adamant that their dogs feel happy, sad, excited, and even guilty sometimes. And loneliness is one of these emotions.

A dog’s emotional range is often compared to small children as they strongly experience basic emotions and are even capable of feeling complex emotions. It’s a widely known fact that dogs are capable of feeling distressed when they’re left alone for a long duration or have minimum social interactions.

Like humans, dogs also need their social circle. Although they’re a man’s best friend, they need the company of their own kind as well.

Some tell-tale signs your dog is craving social interactions include:

Repetitive Licking

Dogs that are stressed and lonely may lick and bite areas of their body repetitively. It may even come to the point of causing self-traumatic sore patches.

This is a common manifestation of boredom and anxiety in dogs. They take out their anxiety by inflicting self-harm. If you notice small circular patches on your dog’s wrist, it’s a sign that they have been engaging in self-destructive behavior.

Their Playful Tendencies Are Diminishing

If your dog isn’t engaging in playful behavior and it seems like they’ve lost their energy and playful attitude, then you should be concerned.

This is a common indicator that dogs are feeling bored and are feeling depressed. When your dog isn’t playing as much as it used to, it means they’re craving consistent companionship. Being away from their fellow dogs for too long has made them lose their social skills and withdraw from playing.

As dogs are incredibly social animals, pulling back from group activities could be a sign of loneliness.

Not Eating Well

Depressed dogs often have no appetite and may not eat as much as they used to. This is a serious health concern that needs to be addressed immediately.

Dogs playing fetch

Destructive Behavior

When left alone for prolonged periods, dogs may indulge in destructive behavior around the house to vent out their boredom and anxiety.

They may also get hurt in the process of destroying furniture or chewing pillows.

Change in Sleeping Patterns

Like humans, dogs also sleep more when depressed. So, if you notice your dog sleeping throughout the day, it’s a sign they’re craving social interaction.

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