Bringing a new furry friend into your life is a lovely time for you, your family, and the pet themself. And as much as you’d like to spend every second of every day with your new fur baby, the dreaded Monday will soon arrive when you’d have to head to work.

Unfortunately, this could mean separation anxiety for your dog—because they can’t possibly understand that your paycheck pays for their dog food and toys!

So, here are a few tips to help them feel better while you’re away.

Teach Them the Art of Being Alone

This will be tricky if your pup is already old and has developed a very strong attachment to you. But it can still be done; while you’re at home, keep a designated time for your dog to stay in their crate or playpen alone.

In the beginning, they should be able to see you while you do your own thing but not be able to approach you. Over time they will come to recognize this spot as their safe space where they can comfortably retreat when you’re not around.

Use Positive Reinforcement to Build Tolerance Levels

First, identify what triggers your puppy. For instance, they probably start getting restless when they see you wearing your shoes or picking up the keys. Perform these acts repeatedly and give them a treat each time they start to become anxious to calm them down.

Next, leave for a minute or two. When you start doing this over and over again, increasing the time with each try, they will start getting used to it and will come to realize that you leaving isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Keep Your Puppy Active and Well-Fed

An active dog is a happy dog. Moreover, the more your puppy exercises, the better it’ll behave. There is no rocket science here. Simply put, your puppy will be tired from all that playing, running around, and exercising and would want to rest in your absence rather than destroy your house.

Additionally, if your puppy is well-fed, it’ll nap better. And as a general rule of thumb, you should make sure that their food and water bowls are filled when you leave for work in the morning. This will help them stay calm and less anxious in your absence.

Find Your Dog Some Friends

If you find that your dog is simply not comfortable being alone, you should consider leaving them at a doggie day camp every day. This will not only help them make positive social progress, but most daycare centers also provide training and grooming services, so your dog will have a great time learning and playing while you work hard to give them a good life.

In fact, we can help you take care of your pet’s separation anxiety at The Grand Paw. We’re the best dog daycare center in Indio, CA, and we can help your pet have a great time. We have different playgroups and certified staff to take care of them. They can also swim in our full-sized swimming pool!

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