Is your dog’s matted hair making you want to pull out yours? We understand your situation. Research has shown that pet owners should brush out their dog’s coat every few days, regardless of its length.

If you didn’t notice a small knot in your dog’s fur, you’re undoubtedly aware of the dense bundles of hair that are growing on your pup’s coat, ears, belly area, arms and legs.

Here’s how you can untangle your pup’s matted dog hair.

Collect Your Tools

Before taking a seat with your dog, you’ll need a shampoo that cleans and conditions their hair. A dog detangler brush is a handy tool to eliminate mats painlessly, but you should also keep a gentle comb that can smooth your pup’s hair.

Keep dog clippers with round tips so that you don’t injure your dog if they get fidgety during their trimming. If you need to split the hair rather than slice it off, thinning shears can help your pup’s matted hair.

Sit Comfortably

Tangled clumps of dog hair are not only uncomfortable to look at, but they can also pose several health problems for your pup. Make them sit in a comfortable position to don’t move while you work on their fur.

You can choose to sit on the counter or sofa so that your dog is at eye level with you. If you have a skittish pup, you can rock them on your lap to relax them.

Massage the Knots

Work at the tangled mess by gently pulling out the knots through your fingers. It might take a while but keep your pup entertained enough to stay in one place while you work. For stubborn mats, use a mat splitting tool and cut in the direction the hair is growing.

A medium short-coated white dog lying down with pink shades

Lightly Brush the Mat

Start by separating the mat from the untangled hair. Use a soft bristle brush to sweep the mat and place your hand under the fur so that you don’t pull your dog’s skin. Brush sideways to split the hair. Use a de-matting comb to brush from the edge coming toward the base.

Use a Conditioner

Some people may avoid using a conditioner, but it can help your brush move smoothly through your dog’s hair. Spray the conditioner around the mat until it’s slightly wet, and use a stainless-steel comb to brush out your dog’s untangled hair.

Shower Your Pup With TLC

Whether you’re petting your dog during the process or after it, show some much-needed affection to your pup for letting you work on their fur, and give them a treat for being a good dog.

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