It’s natural to worry about your dog contracting COVID-19. After all, not only are we living in the middle of a widespread pandemic, but it’s also a pandemic that started spreading from animals. Pet parents everywhere have thus started worrying about their pets as.

Americans own approximately 8.7 million dogs. This poses a risk to both parties: the dogs and the humans. And questions continue to linger about whether or not transmission is possible between pet and pet owner.

Can Pets Contract the novel Coronavirus?

Two pet cats in New York did contract the novel coronavirus. Other than that, there have been other cases of cats—and even tigers—around the world contracting the virus. What is interesting to note is that these cats were all either living with or were in close proximity to humans who were already suffering from the virus. This answers at least one question: it is definitely possible to pass on the virus to your pet cat.

But what about dogs?

Can Dogs Also Get the Virus?

Previously, it was announced that dogs cannot contract the virus. Of late, however, there have been scattered and isolated cases of dogs testing positive for the virus in Hong Kong. If you are starting to panic, we’d urge you to pause, as none of these dogs became seriously ill.

Scientists are not sure why, but the common understanding is that the virus does not replicate inside the body of a dog in the same manner as it multiplies inside the bodies of humans.

white puppy sitting

On the whole, we would say that your dogs are pretty safe. Compared to the ever-increasing cases of cats catching the virus, the dogs of the world have been faring far better.

Taking Precautions

Regardless, you should still take precautions around your furry friends. Don’t let them roam outside freely. In fact, it’s best not to let them wander out on their own. Do take them out on regular walks, but be mindful and keep a safe distance from others.

Other hygiene rules apply as well: keep sanitizing, keep clean, keep taking standard precautions when venturing out. A little safety can go a long way.

If You Have to Leave…

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