You’re all set for your vacation and are crossing everything off of the list. What about your pet? Where are your precious puppies going to go while you’re out of town? The ideal option is a pet boarding facility. Sadly, some animals are reluctant or even anxious to go to such facilities, and some pet owners aren’t good at managing pet boarding stress.

These negative emotions usually arise due to a past unpleasant experience. Finding a reputable dog daycare center that pledges to provide your dogs with the greatest care possible is one way to avoid any future distressing experiences. Here are a few things you should do to alleviate your pet’s stress.

Keep Your Pet Separated From Other Pets

Pet boarding facilities offer personalized suites for every animal, so they’ll be at ease and peace when you’re not around. Although some facilities do put the same breed of pets together, if you let the center know beforehand, they’ll provide separate lodging and playtime for your pet.

This way, you’ll know that your pet is kept apart from other animals. They have to be separated from one another by enough space so noisy barking won’t impede your pet’s ability to unwind and sleep.

A Beautiful Room

Although it may seem absurd, your pet shares your appreciation for beautiful things. The Grand Paw’s staff provides animals with a beautiful view from a cozy room and makes their stay at the pet hotel worthwhile. Whether it’s our velvet curtains or our warm fireplace, your pet will feel safe and happy in our humble abode. Your pets also have a window to get a clear view of other pets playing outside in case they’re not in the mood to interact. This method will help in managing pet boarding stress.a puppy nestled in a blanked

Pack An Item From Your Home With Them

During dog boarding, your pet will be n an unfamiliar environment, which may cause them to feel lost and stressed. When they have a familiar item from their home with them, they’ll feel comfortable and happy. Whether it’s their favorite toy or their sleeping blanket, they’ll be happy to have a little piece of home with them at all times.

Similar to a young child’s favorite stuffed animal, a pet’s favorite item enables them to maintain contact with you even when you are not there. If you have an old shirt that smells of you, you can keep that as well in their overnight bag.

The one place your pet is guaranteed to have a stress-free time is when they’re at The Grand Paw. We’re a doggie daycare center that takes extra care of your canine friends. We offer various activities at our doggy day camp institution. We also provide all-inclusive and extensive dog grooming services.

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