All dogs need safe play areas, playtime with other dogs, and regular exercise to stay healthy. However, not all play areas are created equal.

So while it’s easy to take your dog to the dog park so it can socialize with other pets and burn off excess energy, dog parks may not be the safest option.

Doggie daycare centers, on the other hand, employ cleaning routines and address any safety concerns you might have for your pet. Here’s why you should enroll your dog in daycare instead of taking it to the park.

Your dog will play while closely supervised

Our certified pet care staff will supervise your dog as it plays in controlled-temperature playrooms and large outdoor play yards.

In a dog park, you’d have to be present to ensure that your pet stays safe, but if your dog’s at The Grand Paw, you can rest easy knowing that your dog is in the hands of professionals.

Proof of vaccination required

Any good daycare center will require proof that your dog is vaccinated against canine parvovirus, rabies, dog flu, and bordetella. Each dog that comes into our daycare is vaccinated, thereby ensuring your dog’s safety.

Dog parks don’t require dogs to be vaccinated, however. By taking your puppy to a dog park, you could be exposing it to all sorts of illnesses.

Separated playtime

Each dog is evaluated by certified pet care professionals to assess how it interacts with other dogs. All the dogs at The Grand Paw are separated on the basis of size and temperament, and you have a guarantee that playtime is going to be safe for every dog.

Dog parks bring together dogs of all temperaments and sizes. If a large dog becomes aggressive because it doesn’t understand a small dog’s play style, it could result in an accident. dog brooding

Strict cleaning routines

At The Grand Paw, we employ pet-safe products and have strict cleaning routines established. Our cleaning program is scientifically engineered to be safe for every dog’s health. Our rooms are temperature-controlled to ensure a comfortable play environment for your dog.

Dog parks aren’t cleaned the way pet daycare centers are and can house diseases such as influenza and ringworm due to the lack of cleaning regulations.


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