If your dog is up-to-date on its vaccines, plays well with others, and is free of ticks, fleas, and intestinal parasites, it’s a great candidate for dog daycare. If you work all day and can’t give your pet much time, consider enrolling it in our luxury dog boarding facility near La Quinta—The Grand Paw. This guide will focus on how our doggy daycare promotes dog socialization.

Dog Socialization in Doggy Daycare

In a doggy daycare facility, your dog will meet other friendly and socialized playmates and pups under professional supervision. While your dog becomes more used to our luxury dog boarding, it will become accustomed to regular interaction with its fluffy friends. Though some dogs are reluctant to attend a dog daycare, it will start to look forward to this trip after a while.

Learning New Tricks

Though it’s much easier to socialize a puppy than a grownup or older dog, your pet can learn new tricks by interacting with other dogs. However, it must not be forced into a stressful situation. Negative human behavior will eventually lead to signs of pushy behavior in your dog.

Dog socialization in a doggy daycare begins with exposure to other dogs for short periods. This duration gradually increases as your dog becomes comfortable with other pets. Forceful interaction will also make your dog feel more stressed.

Other Benefits

Doggy daycare alleviates loneliness and boredom as well as the anxiety caused by loneliness. Professionals at doggy daycare are trained to prevent destructive behavior, occurring when your pet is unsupervised and home alone. If you’re a busy dog parent and feel guilty about not being able to spend time with it, we can help eliminate that remorse.

By spending a few days in our luxury dog boarding, your pet will be trained on how to play with other dogs in a pack, stay calm, and part from its owners at an early stage (if you own a puppy).

Dog Boarding Kennels near La Quinta

Our doggy daycare facility welcomes dogs to a happy and safe environment. If you want to improve your dog’s ability to socialize, enroll it in our dog boarding kennels. In addition to providing quality care, we also offer comprehensive dog grooming services. You can also opt for our overnight dog boarding program if you’ll be away for a few days and need reliable professionals to look after your pet.

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