Did you just become a dog parent?

Congratulations! Now you need to train your puppy or dog as early as possible. Crate training should be on top of your dog training to-do list.

Once you’ve successfully crate trained your dog, the crate becomes its safe place, and you can leave it there for short periods.

Here are some crate training tips you should know.

Start on a positive note

Just like human beings, dogs can also sense moods and vocal tones. If you’re frustrated, your dog will pick up on your frustration and not show progress. So start with a happy mood to build a positive environment for your canine friend. Keep the crate in an area where family members are around, and place a towel or blanket inside it to make it more inviting.

Avoid long training sessions

Long training sessions don’t equate to better learning for your dog. Doggies have short attention spans, and that’s why the best strategy is to break down your training sessions into smaller chunks so your pet can retain what they learn.

It also helps establish a routine when you do multiple short daily sessions instead of occasional long training sessions.

Use verbal cues and visual gestures

a person looking at their dog

Dogs are both visual and auditory learners. Hence, you should use both your voice and hands while crate training your dog.

For example, tell it to “kennel up,” then point inside the crate. Reward it with a treat, and close the door.

Your intelligent canine companion will learn to associate this command with the action.

Keep testing

Next, you want to teach your dog to stay inside the crate while you have moved away.

Once your dog is inside the crate, sit next to it for a couple of minutes. Then move to another room and come back a few minutes later. Sit next to the crate for some time, and then let your doggo out.

You’ll need to repeat this process several times a day for several weeks.

When your dog learns to stay inside the crate for at least thirty minutes, you can leave it there for short intervals. Make sure to use a consistent command and treat it every time. It’s also a good idea to put its favorite toys inside the crate.

Finally, remember to be consistent and patient!

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