Does your dog despise being locked up indoors all day long? The dog’s breed isa crucial factor that determines the level of physical activity your dog needs. Stepping outdoor exposes your dog to fresh air and vitamin D. It also reduces boredom and anxiety in dogs as coming in contact with the surface of the earth makes a dog healthy and happy! Here are fun outdoor games you can play with your dog in a park, garden, or yard:

Scatter Treats

You can scatter treats or dry food on the ground or hide it between the grasses for this game. Create obstacles in your garden using scraps lying around the house to encourage your dog to go under or jump high above. This provides great mental stimulation.

Fun with the Frisbee

Taking inspiration from fetch, Frisbee is a game fit for high-energy dogs as it boosts their concentration and agility. You want to start from the bottom by rolling it toward your dog, but keep moving upward with higher throws to make the game more interesting.

Dig a Pit

Digging is another activity that dogs of all breeds love. Give your dig a sand-filled pit to dig into to discover some hidden toys or bones underneath.

Some Water, Please

You know your dog loves some splashing time. Allow your dog to jump in the pool to get those paws moving. You can also offer playtime with a hose and stream of water — your dog should be able to chase the stream of water by running and bouncing in between.

This is fun and a good way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Dogs that exercise regularly have displayed improved organ and lung function and bone health.

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