Your pup loves looking fabulous. There is only so much you can do at home to groom your adorable pup. The solution? Book a professional dog grooming session at the best-rated service provider near Palm Desert! 

At The Grand Paw, we love nothing more than making your pup look flawless and feel like the king of the world. Here’s what makes a grooming session here so special for your dog.

Trained and Experienced Staff

You wouldn’t trust an inexperienced hair stylist with your hair, why choose anyone but the best for your dog? As the best-rated pet care near Palm Desert, we have the luxury of employing the cream of the crop in dog grooming. Our experts know how to work with all the different types of fur and get your requested style perfectly right.

Our Love For Dogs

An eternal love for dogs is the foundation of The Grand Paw. We only employ people who love dogs and are genuinely passionate about working with dogs. At The Grand Paw, your pup gets all the care they need.

Grooming Products For Dogs

Dog skin is quite different from human skin. You can’t use grooming and skincare products made for human skin on your dog. At The Grand Paw, we recreate the salon experience for dogs—your pup deserves nothing less. We use products designed for dog skin that have the right pH and no active compounds harmful to dogs.

Like A Day At The Spa

At The Grand Paw, your dog’s comfort is our top priority. We ensure the grooming session is as comfortable for your dog as it’s exciting. How calm and relaxed your pup is during the grooming session is just as important to us as how happy they are after. With our attention to the smallest details, a grooming session here is like a day at the spa.

A happy dog after a grooming session

Book a Dog Grooming Session Near Palm Desert

The Grand Paw is rated the best in the Palm Springs area by Desert Magazine and Palm Springs Life magazine. In addition to offering dog grooming services, we’re also a pet care facility near Palm Desert. We are based in Indio, CA, offering dog boarding and grooming services.

Want to make your pup’s day special with a professional grooming session? Get in touch now!