The winter months pose their own set of challenges for our furry friends, and while some dogs love to snuggle next to us and watch the snowfall, others may not prefer the cold weather.

The cold months may require you to take a little extra care of your dog to help it adjust to seasonal changes. Elements like snow, ice, and extreme cold can hinder daily activities and walks, so here are our tips to help make the cold more bearable for your pup.

Understand Your Dog’s Tolerance To The Cold:

Like humans, every dog has a different cold tolerance threshold, and this may also depend on the breed of dog you have.

Breeds like Huskies and Newfoundlands have double coats of fur, making them adapt to the cold better, but dogs with short hair and slick coats, like pugs and greyhounds, may find it difficult to stand the cold for long periods.

Make sure your dog always has plenty of warm blankets and keep an eye on them to see if they’re shivering, whining, paw licking, tail tucking, or holding their paws off the ground, as these might indicate that your dog has caught a chill.

Most dogs are okay with temperatures up to 45°F but can get uneasy with lower temperatures.

Keep Long-Lasting Toys:

Chewing helps your dog relieve stress, and puzzle toys keep it mentally engaged.

When you can’t go outside, give your dog its favorite chews and puzzle toys for stormy winter days. This will prevent your dog from getting uneasy being homebound and will provide it with something to do.

Alaskan Malamute in the snow

Wax Your Dog’s Paws Before A Walk:

Cold surfaces can affect your dog’s sensitive paws, so keep them safe with a thin coat of paw wax before you head outside.

The wax will prevent snow from sticking to your dog’s paws and ice from getting stuck between his toes. The wax will also prevent cracking and soreness on feet on dry days.

Give Them Plenty Of Water:

It’s even more important to hydrate before, during, and after physical activity during the winter, as the dry air can cause dehydration.

If your dog nibbles on a bit of snow, it may just be playing around, but if it overeats snow, it may be unsafe for your dog. Keep freshwater with you at all times and offer it to your dog for a quick fix.

A dog wrapped in a blanket

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