Pet allergies affect nearly 30% of Americans. They are caused by allergens commonly found in pet’s body fluids, hair, and dead skin. If someone is allergic to pets, then exposure to allergens could cause numerous symptoms such as nasal congestion. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that guests with pet allergies don’t encounter allergens. But how can you do this?

Here are the top tips to host guests with pet allergies.

Groom Your Pets Before Guest Visits

A dog being dried by a towel

Human beings groom themselves mainly to look and feel better. However, pet grooming is crucial to safeguard their health. Grooming your pet will get rid of matted hair that can cause skin infections. We recommend getting your pet groomed by professionals as they’ll be trained in spotting and preventing health issues.

Grooming your pets before your guests come over will remove all the dead skin cells on their bodies. This will minimize the chance of an allergic reaction. It’ll also ensure your pets look as beautiful as they can before they meet your guests!

Remove Your Carpets


Carpets act as magnets for pet hair. Therefore, it’s vital to remove carpets whenever you have guests that are allergic to pets. If your carpet is too big to stow, then you can use a lint brush or sticky tape to remove pet hair. However, you should let your guests know that your carpets might still have hair trapped in them.

If you want to avoid removing your carpets whenever guests are over, then you should invest in carpets with small fibers that won’t trap pet hair. Moreover, get carpets that can be cleaned easily by dry cleaners. If this doesn’t work, then your best bet is to keep your pets’ paws dry when they enter your home.

Vacuum Pet Hair Thoroughly

A vacuum cleaner on a carpet

Vacuuming your home will remove most pet allergens on your floors such as dead skin and hair. If your guests have severe pet allergies, then you may want to invest in a vacuum cleaner that’s specifically built for pet hair. Try to pay closer attention to vacuuming areas where pet hair accumulate the most such as pet crates and carpets.

Unfortunately, no amount of vacuuming will completely remove pet hair. Therefore, you may want to host your guests in an outdoor space where they’re less likely to come into contact with allergens. It’s also better to avoid hosting guests during the fall season as that’s when many pets shed their coats.

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