Are you sending your pup to a pet boarding facility? You must be worried about how it’ll adjust to the new environment. While a pet boarding facility is great for its growth and development, it adjusting there can be difficult for many pets.

Don’t worry though, our experts at The Grand Paw are here to help.

Learn how you can start preparing your pup for overnight boarding.

Exercise Your Pup

Take your pup on a walk or a run before dropping it off at the chosen pet boarding. Get it engaged in a play session or any other physical activity that it likes.

Exercise is a great way to tire your pup out. This way, your dog will most likely sleep through its first night at pet boarding—lessening the chances of separation anxiety. Moreover, once the first night passes, it’ll be a lot easier for it to become used to the new place.

Give it a Bone to Play With

We all know that pups love bones. Give your pup a bone before they leave for their overnight boarding. If it’s feeling nervous, chewing on the bone will help it calm down. It will also make it happy as it will be an enjoyable treat for it—and pups feel loved and appreciated when you give them a treat.

Bones are also effective at distracting pups for long hours—and make it easier to drop your pup off at a new place.

Pack a Pet Bag

You might be wondering why we’re suggesting you pack a pet bag. Well, when you leave town or plan to stay at a new place, you pack a bag for yourself, right? Similarly, your pup requires a bag for itself too.

Pack a bag of its favorite toys and other items that it is familiar with. If it has a pillow or blanket that comforts it, add that in too. Packing your pup’s belongings to send along is great in preparing your pup for overnight boarding. This way, your pup will stay happy and secure for sure.

Update Vaccinations

Making sure your pup is vaccinated properly is important before you send it away. While preparing your pup for overnight boarding, ensure it has received all the nexeesary vaccinations. You want to ensure your pup and other dogs stay safe and healthy.

Moreover, most pet boarding facilities have strict health regulations and will ask for proof of vaccination.

Say Goodbye Quickly

An image of two pups

When saying goodbye to your pup, make it quick. Not only that, but you also want to be calm and positive. If you’re going to be crying or sad, your puppy will sense those emotions. This will make it harder for the two of you to separate and as a result will impact its time at overnight boarding.

We understand how precious your pup is to you and how difficult it is to part ways from it, even if for a short while. However, preparing your pup for overnight boarding can make the transition easier for you.

Here at The Grand Paw, we take every puppy’s mental and physical well-being seriously. Bring your pup in if you want to avail our dog boarding, doggie daycare, and dog grooming services in Indio, California. Get in touch with us for a paw-sitive experience today!