Around 14% of pet dogs suffer from isolation disorder, which leads to panic attacks when they’re left alone.

The pandemic hasn’t just been cruel to the global community; it has also caused severe disruption in our pets’ routine activities. Since you can’t go out and let your pups mingle with other doggies in the neighborhood, they’re highly prone to getting quarantine syndrome, which can affect their socializing behavior post-quarantine.

What is Quarantine Puppy Syndrome?

Staying indoors for most of the week and not getting to walk around the block or in the park can make your pup frustrated and anxious. This will likely induce fear of mingling and interacting with other people, pets, and outdoor environments once the quarantine period is over.

Training your pup to socialize was hectic and overwhelming enough, but now, you’ve got an irritated and sad quarantine puppy. But look at the bright side: due to COVID-19, you aren’t overexposing your furry friend to every other doggo, and that’s a plus point for their mental development!

Strategies to Prevent Quarantine Puppy Syndrome

Here are three ways to help your pup liven up and have some fun indoors:

1. Fake a Vet Appointment Day

Even the happiest and most lively pups fear visiting the vet. So why not fake a vet visit at home and positively condition and prepare your puppy for future visits?

Quarantine is an excellent opportunity for playing the doctor game with your pup. Arrange a mat or choose an elevated slab to start your exam. Let them lay down, and don’t forget to treat them after each step to make them feel comfortable. Fake examine their ears, nose, eyes, and tummy.

For some extra fun, play a fake vaccine game. Gently poke your pup’s leg and prepare them for their next vaccination.

2. Teach, Train, and Let Them Have Fun

Don’t waste time waiting for things to settle down so you can start socializing your puppy again. Regularly train them with familiar command words and introduce them to new, exciting objects like vacuum cleaners, gardening tools, walkers, dollies, etc. Allow them to explore by sniffing and roaming around your home’s backyard.

Meanwhile, keep teaching them how to respond to words, noises, smells, and other stimuli. Oh, and don’t forget to praise their efforts with some dog treats!

3. Stay Equipped to Avoid Pet Emergencies

Your puppy may develop severe isolation anxiety if you fail to respond to a pet emergency promptly. First of all, stay informed and avoid watching the news every day. Try to focus on making your family’s quarantine period enjoyable and stress-free.

Dry food in bowls, toy, comb, and leashes for pets

Dry food in bowls, toy, comb, and leashes for pets

Along with baby supplies, first aid, and pet supplies on-hand to combat an emergency. Ensure your puppy’s health by regularly monitoring their health and identifying any weird symptoms.

How Can We Help You?

Let’s suppose you’re a front–line healthcare worker or an essential business owner and can’t look after your dog while you’re busy working. Luckily, you don’t have to worry if you’re in Indio or Palm Desert, CA. Just visit us and leave your puppy in the safe hands of The Grand Paw.

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