Nowadays, we all have busy lifestyles, and it’s difficult to take out time for your family, let alone your pups. However, your pet dog can feel lonely and require attention and affection from you. But you don’t have to feel guilty as you can organize your schedule and multi-task.

Here are a few ways you can spend quality time with your dog.

Find Ways To Make Your Dog Part Of Your Day

You can figure out how to add it to your day. You can either take your pet dog to your office for a few days to spend time together and work. However, that depends on the job that you have. Several offices allow pets in the office; if that’s not the case, you can talk to your workplace and explain how having canines around can increase the productivity of the whole office.

Work From Home

Coronavirus has led to an increased work from home culture, which allows you to spend more time with your pup. However, many offices have started calling people back, so you can take a few days to work from home and spend more time with your dog.

Come Home For Lunch

If work from home is not an option, you can regularly come home for lunch and spend time with your family and your dog. You can take it out for a treat before having lunch as well. It will be a short break for you too, which will help you relax and refresh.

A woman walking with her dog in Indio, CA.

Create A Schedule And Follow It

Create a schedule and outline how you can spend time with your dog every day, and then follow it. You can discuss this with your family and arrange everything accordingly.

Exercise And Walk Together

Taking your pup for a walk in the park can help it get fresh air and use its energy. You can also take your dog to the gym and get fit while spending time with it.

Spend Time Together At Home

You can also spend quality time after you get back from work and on the weekends as well. You can sit with your dog for a while and snuggle it, talk to it and groom it to show your affection.

Allow It To Sleep With You

You can let it sleep with you during some nights, which also counts as spending quality time together.

You can contact us to take your dog to supervised playgroups and grooming sessions. Our doggie daycamp in Indio, CA, is a great way for it to socialize and have fun. You can also leave your dog for an overnight stay, allowing it to spend quality time with other dogs as well.