Has your once preppy and energetic pup become withdrawn, antisocial, and uninterested in doing anything? Have there been any recent changes in your home or living situation? Perhaps you’ve relocated to a new home, or maybe you’ve brought home another pet or a baby. Your dog is possibly exhibiting signs of depression that are very similar to how we experience it.

Sometimes, pets feel neglected and alone in their homes because we don’t have enough time to shower them with attention. Managing busy schedules and social commitments requires a lot of energy, and by the time you get home, you’re too drained for a game of fetch.

Here are some common signs that your dog is in need of some TLC and attention because they’re feeling lonely.

A dog who needs to go to dog daycare

Your pet is shadowing you at home

If you notice that your dog is following you around in your home, it’s probably because they crave companionship.

Pets can start to experience separation anxiety when they feel lonely, which may make them want your company even more.

You need to give them more focus and attention or facilitate friendships with other dogs by scheduling regular playdates.

Your dog doesn’t want to play as much

Pets don’t get “lazy” out of the blue. They lose interest in doing the things they love doing the most because they’re feeling lonely. Their loneliness can be so overpowering that it can inhibit them from gathering the energy to play with others.

Moreover, some pets may not have acquired the social skills needed to play with other animals and pets.

Your dog is sleeping too much

Just like some of us tend to become night owls and sleep during the day when we’re feeling low, dogs do the same. If you notice they are sleeping more, it’s because they need a distraction and feel bored. Not sleeping through the night can cause them to become restless and depressed because their body isn’t well-rested.

What can you do to alleviate your pet’s loneliness?

It’s essential to schedule playtime with other dogs and pets for your dog regularly, and this is where our dog day camp comes in. We have all kinds of activities in store for dogs of all sizes.


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