Summer is in full swing and the temperatures outside are unbearable. We as humans are lucky to be able to go inside and out whenever we want. We also have the luxury of turning on the AC unit or a fan. Our dogs and cats unfortunately can only show us signs that they are uncomfortable. Here is a helpful list of things to help “listen” to your pet:


  • Heavy panting:Panting for dogs is a normal thing, whether they’re hot or excited. It’s critical to understand how much and how heavy they’re panting. They might be overheating.
  • Heavy/thick drooling:Notice how much and how thick your dog’s drooling is. If it seems to be more excessive than normal, they could be too hot.
  • Trouble breathing:If you notice your pup is having trouble breathing, cool them down as soon as possible before further complications.
  • Rapid heartbeat:Is your dog’s heart racing? They could be too hot, so make sure they’re cool and hydrated.
  • Dark or red gums and tongue:Check the color of your dog’s gums and tongue if you’re worried that they might be overheating.
  • Dizziness:Dizziness in your dog, especially during summer days, could mean they’re too hot and are overheating.
  • Weakness:If your pup is having trouble moving, or picking itself up, they could be overheating. Grab them a nice cold dish of water to help combat the effects.
  • Agitation:A common sign of your dog’s discomfort is if they become suddenly agitated. Is it a particularly hot day out? They’re probably overheated.


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