Dog daycares have become popular among dog owners for their pets to socialize and stay while their owners complete their everyday chores. They are very helpful to dog owners as they tend to their pets’ needs, ensuring they stay happy and healthy.

However, as a place where different dogs come together, there are certain pet safety requirements by dog daycares for the overall health and safety of all the animals. If you don’t know what they are, find out about them before taking your dog to doggy daycare.

Proof of Vaccination

Every dog, large and small, needs to be vaccinated from a very small age. Your vet will guide you to all the vaccines your dog might need, such as rabies, Distemper and Parvoand, Bordatella, and canine influenza, among others.

It is your responsibility to get them on time. This helps them stay safe from dangerous diseases and allows them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most dog daycare facilities will require you to submit proof of vaccination before they allow your pet into the facility.

Spayed and Neutered

Most facilities require dogs older than seven months to be spayed and neutered as they will play and interact with other dogs there. It is a standard practice in dog daycare facilities for the safety of your and others’ dogs.

An image of a dog walking outdoors


Dogs must be at least two to five months old to enroll in a dog daycare facility. Dogs below this age won’t be able to interact or socialize with other dogs. They might get hurt and won’t know the basic skills to socialize with other canines.

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