Going on a family vacation is a relaxing experience. However, many pet owners worry about leaving their dogs home alone. If you have a furry family member at home, consider a reputable pet boarding facility to ensure your puppy remains healthy and safe while you’re away.

A professional doggie care center will offer your pet a comfortable room to stay, one-on-one attention, top-notch care, and sufficient playtime. Whether you’re gone for a long time or a few days, we will treat your pet like family at The Grand Paw. Continue reading this blog to learn how our pet boarding facility can keep you from being anxious about your pet while on vacation.

1. Daily Routine

Leaving your pup home alone can cause them to be anxious and sad. A pet boarding facility is crucial to ensure your furry friend gets ample playtime, care, and exercise. The certified and trained staff at a dog care center will provide each dog the attention it needs, ensuring they get enough social time and rest. They’ll help your pup feel secure while you’re away.

2. Medical Care

A white and brown dog hiding under the table

Having someone look after your dog if they’re on medication is necessary. Experts at a reliable pet boarding facility will provide your pet with the medical attention it needs. At the Grand Paw, our staff will offer emergency medical care to ensure your pet is healthy and safe.

3. Staffing

A well-trained and compassionate staff is critical to the wellbeing and health of your furry friend. Our luxury boarding facility comprises many services to keep your dog happy and comfortable.

Some other reasons to choose a pet boarding facility are:

  • It allows your dog to socialize with other animals
  • Your dog feels safe and secure while you’re away
  • Continuous supervision during playtime
  • It gives you mental peace while vacationing
  • Individual suites for every pet
  • Nutritious meal plans
  • Timely meals
  • Your dog feels less anxious or sad in your absence
  • Your dog receives professional dog grooming services, which improve their overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you’re looking for reliable pet boarding services in the Palm Springs area, contact us at The Grand Paw. Our team provides excellent dog grooming services and dog daycare services at affordable rates. Contact us now for more details.