Rescuing a dog is a very rewarding experience. However, a rescue dog may have some unique problems that need to be addressed. They might take longer to develop a bond with you as they’ve gone through a rough past.

Barking continuously, destroying the furniture, and not using litter are some common behaviors exhibited by rescue dogs. Even though most rescue dog problems can be solved by patience, love, and care – it’s vital to understand the reason behind certain behaviors.

At The Grand Paw, we offer luxury boarding and daycare for dogs near the Palm Springs area. We have a spacious yard bordering Indio and La Quinta to provide various services for your dogs, including grooming, tropical play areas, pet resorts, spas, and swimming pools. Our professionals also provide training to your dogs and ensure that they have the best time with us. Let’s look at some common rescue dog problems and their solutions.

“Stay Away From My Territory!”- Rescue Dogs May Be More Aggressive

Many rescue dogs come from the shelter. Thus, they may be territorial about their food and personal space. Some may even run away with household items like toys or shoes. While some rescue dogs may overcome this problem with love and time, you may need to hire a professional trainer if the situation persists.

Trainers are experts in animal behavior, and they can handle your dog’s aggression by helping them adjust to their new home.

“Don’t Tell Me What To Do!”- They May Not Be Easily Disciplined

Rescue dogs may bark at strangers and react differently to sharp commands. Compared to other dogs, rescue dogs are more difficult to discipline. Encouraging your dogs through treats and positive reinforcement will build their trust and help them overcome fear.

“Don’t Leave Me!”- Separation Anxiety

Rescue dogs may become anxious when you leave them alone. They may have indoor accidents or create chaos while you’re away. In such cases, it’s helpful not to have another dog around. Let your furry friend get acquainted with you and your home before you introduce him to another.

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Give Your Rescue Dog The Necessary Training And Care With The Grand Paw

If you live near or visiting the Palm Springs area, be sure to leave your rescue dog at our daycare while you’re away. Our professional trainers are well-equipped to deal with different types of behaviors. All our caretakers are animal health certified and are present throughout the night.

We take pride in providing high-quality suites and luxury boarding for all types of dogs in Indio, CA. Contact us now to learn more about our facilities.