One of the most difficult things about being a pet parent can be trying to get your dog to behave in a car. Dogs are prone to get overexcited by unusual situations and as puppies, they can be very surprised by cars. They easily get frazzled looking out the window and can also try and jump out and run at any chance they get. To have more peaceful and safe car journeys with your dog, make sure you follow these three steps.

1. Always Restrain Your Dog

Travelling without a restraint on your dog is quite dangerous. If your dog is small, bumps and sudden brakes can knock them off their seat, which is unpleasant and can hurt them too, depending on the impact. More energetic and hyper dogs may also try to jump out of car windows, and the smaller breeds may even succeed at this and could potentially get badly hurt. With a restraint, they will be unable to move off their seat, but will still be able to sit comfortably. An example of a restraint is tying their leash to the lever at the bottom of the seat or to the headrest. Another restraint is one that clips onto the seatbelt hook.

A dog sitting in the back of a car.

2. For Small Dogs, Invest in a Carrier

For smaller breeds, nothing is better than a carrier while travelling. If you out a soft blanket inside, they will stay comfortable throughout the ride and can even see it as a safe space and therefore, won’t be scared either. This will also prevent them from getting knocked around by fast or rash driving. The carrier can easily be settled on a seat and you can travel worry-free with your dog.

3. Train Them Early

Training also plays an important role in making sure your dog behaves themselves in a car. Though it may seem safer to have your dog in a passenger’s lap during a ride, this will ultimately lead to them being uncomfortable sitting on a car seat by themselves. Especially for bigger dogs, it’s important that they sit on a seat by themselves from the beginning so that when they grow older, they are calm and collected in the car.

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