The first week with a new pet, especially a puppy, is a very impressionable time. What happens during this week will set the tone for your overall relationship with them.

And while it’s normal for you to be excited, it can get overwhelming too.

So, here are a few tips that’ll help you two survive the first week together!

Tip 1: Crate Training Starts Before They’re Even Home

If you haven’t brought the puppy home yet, make sure to bring them home in their crate. This is an essential first step in their crate training that you wouldn’t want to miss. They’ll come to recognize the crate as their safe space.

Additionally, they should be comfortable being in a crate when traveling as opposed to being in your lap, as this is both safe and convenient.

Tip 2: Potty-Training Starts Immediately

Again, this is something you should do before you even enter the house. Take the puppy to the potty spot. Remember to reward them then and there, not when you come back inside. Praise them and encourage them. Positive reinforcement can go a long way when it comes to potty-training.

Don’t stay out for more than 10 minutes, though, as this will lead them to lose their focus.

Tip 3: Access to One Room Only

In the first few days, your puppy’s entire world will be limited to one room. This is because you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much access. Since you’re also in the process of potty-training them, it will save you from accidents all over the house.

You can keep a playpen and their crate in this room, as well as their food and water bowls. After a month, most puppies are settled in enough to start exploring the rest of the house.

Tip 4: Stick to A Strict Schedule

Since you and your pup are adjusting to a new life, it’s better to have minimal surprises and a predictable routine that would greatly help settle in. Have proper timings for everything from food to crate time, playtime, nap time, walks, training, and so on.

Make sure to continue positive reinforcement when they stick to the schedule. In fact, we think you should treat yourself too if you’re able to stick to a schedule!

Tip 5: No Human or Furry Visitors

Ideally, you should get a pet at a time in your life when you can dedicate an entire week or so to settle them in. This would mean no guests or pet-sitters. Even furry friends have to wait a while to get introduced.

This is mainly because they already have a lot to get used to during the first week at home, so everything outside can wait.

But once your puppy has settled in and you feel like you can go back to work, you can start dropping them off at a doggie daycare center like ours, where they can play and socialize with other dogs and our well-trained and certified staff.

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