When it’s time to make a decision about sending your dog to a dog day camp, you might find yourself stressing out about whether the environment at the doggy day care will suit your dog or not.

Here we are bringing top features to look for in a dog day camp so that you know the right questions to ask when searching for the best dog boarding in Indio, CA.

1. Visit It First

You cannot think of sending your dog to a dog day camp without visiting it first. To arrange a visit with your dog to the day camp and see what kind of services, playing activities, medical supervision, and pet care the dog day camp is offering.

The staff should be professional and trained to handle any health emergencies o brawls between the dogs. Also, your dog can visit the facility when you are accompanying it. In this way, your dog can get familiar with the surroundings without stressing out that they are away from their owner and home.

2. Keep a Checklist With You

Prepare a checklist before visiting a dog day camp. In this way, you can visit the facility and examine the services and features of that dog day camp like;

  • Whether the other dogs are looking happy and relaxed.
  • If the other dogs are socializing with one another.
  • If the staff supervises and plays with the dogs in an affectionate manner.
  • If the indoor spaces are climate controlled.
  • If there is enough space for the dogs to play and rest properly, and…
  • If the staff present on site is enough to handle all the dogs in the dog day camp.

3. Check Whether the Dog Day Camp Is Taking Care of its Cleanliness and Hygiene

Taking a pet to dog day camp

Do you know that dogs, too, can get health problems due to dirty and contaminated environments? Dog owners need to examine the hygiene practices that a dog day camp is enforcing so that they can be assured that their dogs are safe from common illnesses and diseases like kennel cough, dog ear infections, pink eye, etc. When searching for the best pet boarding in Indio, CA, use your own perception to check the cleanliness of the dog day camp, like clean floors, clutter-free playing area, air quality, and temperature control, or if the staff is vigilant about picking up dog’s poop and mopping the area efficiently.

4. Dogs Safety Is a Priority

The staff and professional trainers at a dog day camp should be experienced in promoting socializing among dogs and preventing any chances of a fight breaking out among them. Safety at a dog day camp not just means proper supervision of dogs but also means that the dog day camp environment and activities cannot harm the dogs in any way. Check out whether a dog day camp is taking care of their dogs according to their size, temperament, and personality.

5. Ask Whether the Doggy Day Care Can Deal With Behavioral Problems of the Dogs

Dogs can show many behavioral problems like aggression, biting, and destructive chewing. The staff at a dog day camp must know how to deal with these aggressive behaviors and know the root cause of such behavior. Many dogs do not deal well with separation anxiety, feel threatened around other dogs, or get depressed in unfamiliar environments.

The staff must love all dogs enough to understand that every dog has different emotional requirements and know how to channel their frustration and excess energy into safe and healthy activities. In this way, the dog will not harm itself or others with its behavioral problems.

6. Mental Stimulation Is as Important as Physical Fitness

Dog day camp

Professional trainers at dog day camps should arrange stimulating activities for dogs, like teaching them new tricks and showing them ways to interact and socialize with other dogs.

Where mental stimulation is essential to keep your dog stress free, happy, and busy at a dog day camp, physical fitness should also be a top priority to benefit your dog’s health. Doggy day camps should take care of the feeding requirements of every dog and provide them with enough exercise so that their health isn’t compromised by a change in environment.

7. Are They Offering Supervised Playgroups

Supervised playgroups at a dog day camp will help your dog get to know other dogs and even make friends with them. Different dogs have different personalities. Some dogs like to stay alone, but some are just shy and take some time to get comfortable around other dogs.

Supervised playgroups will ensure that physical trainers are always accompanying the dogs and helping them explore the new environment and the presence of other dogs. This type of supervision will also ensure that every dog is on its best behavior and isn’t getting aggressive or frustrated enough to harm other dogs.

Help Me Find the Best Doggy Daycare Near Me

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