Six ways to include your Dog for Valentine’s Day

Are you including your dog in your holiday plans? Having our pets be apart of holiday celebrations show we value them as family. Don’t worry about trying to find things to do. Here are 6 ways to celebrate with your furry companion!

1. Date night: The way to most dogs hearts are through their stomach. With so many restaurants being pet friendly, take your dog out to dinner. Find a pet friendly restaurant using

2. Road Trip: Surprise your dog with a nature walk or take them to your favorite trail.

3. Treats: Stock up on their favorite treats or order a special treat online ( and spoil them all day long! What dog wouldn’t love this!

4. Spa Day and Photos: A day to be pampered sounds great! You can take them to a self service dog wash (, a mobile service, or a grooming salon. After getting beautified capture the moment with a photo session!

5. Social Time: Some dogs just want plain old fun. Bring them to The Grand Paw for some fun with their buddies.

6. Toys and Accessories: Buy a new toy and let them open it! There are plenty of Valentine themed toys that will be perfect for your valentine. Or if your dog prefers to make a fashion statement you can pick out a trendy collar or bow!

No matter what you decide to do with your four legged valentine just remember they will love you like no other!