No matter how much you love your dog, at times, it can be impractical to keep him with you if you are traveling, are sick, or have an emergency. In addition, not every place allows pets, and traveling with a pet in tow is hardly cheap.

Although leaving your pet behind is tough, you can have peace of mind knowing that the dog boarding kennel you choose is run by qualified pet carers and has all the amenities that can make your dog’s stay comfortable and safe.

At The Grand Paw, we offer dog boarding kennels in Indio, CA, that offer luxury suites and a range of amenities for your pooch. Your dog will enjoy playing with other dogs all day long, improve his skill training, and will remain happy and healthy while you are away.

Dog Boarding Kennels

When your pet is in capable hands, it becomes easy to leave them behind. The pet grooming and boarding industry in the United States is valued at $11.8 billion. People are now more willing to spend on high-end services for their pets – out of which dogs own the major share – and dog kennels and boarding houses are now reflecting this shift by offering premium pet stays. With over 65 million dogs in the US, pet owners recognize that dog boarding kennels offer knowledgeable and experienced services for their pets.

Most dog owners consider their pets as part of their family so they understand that their pup will feel anxious if it has to stay in a small enclosed place. Crate-free dog boarding kennels are the perfect solution to make your pet feel safe and comfortable.

The best dog boarding facilities have knowledgeable and pet-friendly staff that will ensure your pet is at ease and does not suffer from separation anxiety.

Facilities Dog Boarding Kennels Include

According to research, pet owners have peace of mind when they know their dog is staying at a place that can offer them a safe setting to play, socialize, and become comfortable. Some of the best facilities that dog boarding kennels should have include:

Luxury Boarding

Just because you are going on a luxury vacation doesn’t mean your pet cannot have the time of his life. The best pet boarding in Indio, CA, offers luxury suites that are open, airy, and ventilated so that your dog doesn’t feel cloistered or trapped.

If your pooch requires entertainment, there are amenities like TV playing animal-themed cartoons. Every suite has plush and comfortable bedding for your dog and even raised, off-the-floor beds for dogs that have mobility issues.


Cabanas are wonderful amenities that ensure your dog plays and socializes all day long. Cabanas in dog boarding houses offer complete visibility so that dogs can watch their other fellows playing or socializing with each other.

Depending on how social your dog is, a cabana will offer half a day of play. If your dog is more active, they offer a full day of play option as well.

Hence, cabanas are a great facility for young dogs who need to get rid of excess energy, dogs who need to socialize to deal with separation anxiety, and dogs who just enjoy playing all day long.

A dog running through a play tunnel in a yard at a dog boarding facility

Play Sessions

The best doggy daycare will divide the dogs into various groups, depending on their temperament, size, and interests. These playgroups remain under constant supervision by a certified dog carer. Each group of dogs is given access to climate-controlled playrooms inside the facility. If they want to get some fresh air and sun, there is plenty of space in the outdoor yard to play in.

Dog boarding kennels in Indio, CA, offer one-on-one play sessions that are personalized to each dog. Whether your pet likes to play ball or enjoy long peaceful walks, the staff will be there to take care of all their needs.

Swimming Pool

When it becomes hot, dogs love to swim to cool down. A good dog boarding facility will have a full-sized swimming pool that offers hours of enjoyment for all dogs. This pool is accessible for dogs that are boarding there or are only there to visit for a day.

Grooming Services

Grooming is essential for dogs, not just for their aesthetics, but also for their health and wellbeing. When you leave your dog for days with a dog boarding kennel, it is imperative that it provides dog grooming facilities as well. This includes brushing down dogs who have long hair and are prone to shedding regularly as well as clipping their nails when they get too big.

The best pet boarding in Indio offers regular grooming and care for your puppy. These facilities consider everything from the dog breed, age, fur length and thickness, medical conditions, and more when it comes to grooming your dog so that when you come back, you can be greeted by an active, healthy, happy, and infection-free pup.

Activities and facilities in dog boarding facilities

Benefits of Dog Boarding Kennels

When you enroll your dog at a dog boarding kennel that offers a range of premium amenities for your dog, it is good for your pup’s physical, mental, and emotional health:

  • You won’t have to worry about your dog spending long periods of time alone at home.
  • You know someone competent will be at hand if your dog gets sick while you are away.
  • Your dog will be offered lots of opportunities for socializing with other dogs and will be able to participate in activities he loves.
  • You can be sure your dog will be fed, taken on walks, and goes to bed at the right time.
  • If your dog is social, it will thrive in a dog boarding setting in the company of other dogs, which will reduce separation anxiety.
  • Your dog will have plenty of space to move around at any time.
  • Your dog will be safe and comfortable at all times.

Final Words

Registering your dog in a dog boarding kennel with amenities results in many benefits for you. Dog boarding facilities offer pet owners peace of mind that their pooch is in a safe and comfortable setting, will get plenty of opportunity to release its energy, and will not suffer from separation anxiety.

The best dog boarding kennels in Indio, CA, like The Grand Paw, offer a lot of fun facilities and amenities for your pup while ensuring your pooch is properly taken care of.

If you are going on a trip and are concerned about where to house your furbaby, reach out to us today!