When looking for a dog boarding kennel, you must find a place that offers your dog a comfortable environment. With several dog boarding kennels to choose from, you must know important factors to consider before the enrollment process. This guide will discuss essential tips when looking for a doggy daycare facility.

Licenses and Certifications

The most important thing to look for when choosing a dog boarding kennel is whether they’re licensed and certified. The way a dog boarding facility is checked and licensed depends on the area you live.

For instance, each state in the country has different regulations. Though these regulations may be similar in several areas, you can see differences in how dogs are kept and facilitated and what dog boarding kennels must do to stay licensed. Check their license before proceeding with the enrollment process. If they hesitate to do so, simply walk away.

Local Vet 24/7

Ensure the dog boarding kennel you choose has a professional vet available 24/7 at the facility. Check their details and call them to see if they’re partnered with the dog daycare facility you’re considering. This ensures that your pet will be immediately catered to in case of sudden healthcare issues or injuries.

Spacious and Modern Kennels

When you visit a dog boarding kennel, check whether it has enough space to accommodate many dogs and offers modern pet care facilities and dog grooming services. The regulations on the space of these kennels differ state by state, but each kennel is big enough for your dog to sleep, lie down, stretch, stand at full height, and freely turn around.


Dog boarding kennels have a slight doggy smell because of the nature of the business. However, other than this, maintenance professionals should employ a regular cleaning regime. If your dog comes home smelling bad, this may indicate bacterial problems at the kennels. This can lead to sickness and other serious diseases.

Dog kennel in snow

Reliable Dog Boarding Facility

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