Is your dog having an emotional meltdown?

Dogs are incredibly intuitive and have a unique sense of communication, one that’s unusual to those of us who only know dogs from the perspective of another human.

While we may initially feel out of place looking for hidden meanings within their facial or body language, there are some key emotions and body language cues that can help you to understand how your canine is feeling at any given time.

Let’s learn more about them:

1. Alertness

Dogs that are alert and ready for action are usually excited about something. They may stand tall with their ears forward and their tails high in the air. This behavior can be seen in dogs that are happy, playful, or excited about something, especially when they meet other dogs in dog boarding and daycare facilities.

2. Excitement

Dogs also show excitement by licking their lips, wagging their tails, drooling, panting, whining, or jumping up and down on command. They often give a tail wag when they hear a familiar word or see someone they know in person or on TV!

3. Wagging Their Tail Rapidly

A happy dog can often be seen wagging their tail or jumping up and down with excitement, but this doesn’t always mean they are ready to play! They may also shake off excess energy by shaking their head from side to side or throwing back their head in joy.

dogs sitting on the grass

4. Sadness

One of the most common canine signs of sadness is the tail down. When your dog’s tail is lowered, it means that they are not feeling well.

Another sign that may indicate sadness in dogs is how they walk. When a dog walks slowly or appears to be dragging its feet, it is often an indication that they feel low. This can be caused by physical problems such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, but it can also mean that your pet is missing you, or has lost its spirit and doesn’t want to get up and move around.

So, if you want to keep your dog busy and happy at most times, it’s important to make sure they get regular play times for them to stay physically active and emotionally well. This is when our pet boarding facility in Indio, CA, can be of major help!

The Grand Paw is a doggy daycare and luxury boarding place, great for dogs who need some extra love, especially when their owners are on vacation. We also provide plenty of toys, interaction with other friendly dogs, grooming services, regular home-like meals, and other fun things for your furry friend to do while they are here with us!

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