Puppy or senior dog, over a decade’s experience running our pet boarding facility has taught us that keeping a hyperactive canine occupied can feel like a full-time job. It’s also necessary. Any dog owner can attest that if you don’t ensure your four-legged friend gets their daily dose of activity, they might just chew through your couch.

Whether your pup has the occasional zoomies or full-time buzzing energy, variation in its activities is important. Walks and dog grooming are essential parts of pet care, but they need entertainment too. Check out this blog post by The Grand Paw to see why.

If you’re a new pet owner, or if you’re looking to show your pad-footed friend some love, here are a few fun activities:

Frisbee Fetch

All dogs love to fetch, but since frisbees travel faster and further, they’ll be more fun for your dog to play with. The fact that they’re a circle instead of a sphere also makes them easier for older dogs to keep an eye on.

The flat shape is perfect for dogs that are forever waiting for you to throw the ball but refuse to give it back. While frisbees are easy to hold on to, they’re also much easier to take out of your dog’s mouth.

Free Play with Other Dogs

If your dog attends a good puppy daycare, then they’ll be socialized with other dogs. Socialization is one of the things that makes animal hostels an integral part of comprehensive care. Unless your dog isn’t able to be with other dogs, they’ll love some off-lead time in an open space with plenty of their best friends (apart from you).

Check with the other owners first to ensure the other dogs have also been to reputable dog kennels. However, there should still be at least one human supervising.

One-on-One Time

Sometimes dogs are frisky, not because they have excess energy, but because they need attention. Spend some time with your pooch and give them your undivided attention. Instead of setting up an activity to occupy them, see how they want to spend time with you.

Puppy swimming as a part of pet care near Palm Springs

If you’d love to do these things with your pup but can’t carve out the time, you’d benefit from dog daycare. Pet boarding makes many owners nervous, but our dog daycare center near Bermuda Dunes knows exactly how to ensure wagging tails all around.

The Grand Paw was founded on the idea that only those who truly love dogs can create an enjoyable experience for the animals while providing high-quality pet care. More than a dog-boarding kennel, we like to think of ourselves as a pet resort. We know that when owners leave their fur babies with us, even if just for dog grooming services, they’re placing a lot of trust in us, and we intend to honor that.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team, call (760) 398-9900.