Getting your dog groomed by a dog grooming service in Indio, California, isn’t a one-time affair.

Dog grooming sessions are something you need to repeat regularly because dog grooming has multiple health benefits for your dog.While you could take the DIY approach, it is better to opt for professional dog grooming services in Indio, CA, that understand the best practices and have the right tools and skills to groom your dog.

A good session ensures your dog’s emotional and physical hygiene. This is why it is important that your grooming service has these three qualities and priorities these values in every aspect.

1. Open And Honest

A grooming service and stylist should be open and honest. When you arrive at the groomer, they should ask you questions about your dog and be genuinely interested in the concerns you have to share.

They should be honest in their services, have the right equipment, and should follow safety protocols.

2. Genuine Care For The Dogs

Apart from a skilled staff that also knows how to perform pet and zoonotic diseases and knows how to handle special cases, the staff should genuinely care for dogs.

It is only when they are genuine dog lovers that they will be able to be gentle with your anxious or nervous dogs and provide them with the comfort they need.


3. Understand Your Dog’s Medical History

A good grooming service will always be aware of and require proof of your dog’s vaccinations. They will make sure your dog is free of ticks and fleas.

A good dog-focused grooming service will always focus on the dog owners’ preferences when it comes to dog grooming. They know that there is no one formula, one method for different breeds of dogs.

And when you come to pick up your dog, they will provide you with a set of instructions. If there is any rash or a sign of infection, they will inform you about it.

We offer all these at The Grand Paw. So get your dog groomed by our skilled and professional dog grooming service team.

Our services of dog boarding and dog daycare facilities are offered seven days a week, and we conduct daily monitoring and wellness checks for all the dogs at our resort to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

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