You’ve probably heard or read the horror stories by pet owners who unknowingly took their pet to the wrong groomer and suffered at their unskilled hands.

This is why, if you are considering ditching your DIY top-selling dog grooming kit due to a lack of time, and considering a certified dog grooming service, here is what you should expect and look for in one:

Skilled And Trained Staff

Dog grooming isn’t the same as the typical weekly brush and scrub.

At a professional doggy grooming service like The Grand Paw, the grooming services are thorough and performed by trained personnel.

A dog grooming service shouldn’t have interns but the best stylists and groomers, along with a trained and exclusive staff trained in animal health and safety.

Expect no less from any dog grooming service.

Understand The Needs Of The Dogs

Dog groomers like us understand the needs of dogs. Not only do we groom the dog according to its size, breed, and type of fur or hair, the treatments are designed to maximize the pet’s grooming.

Apart from standard services like pedicure, bath, and ear cleaning, the groomer and stylists need to have the right tools and products like shampoos and conditioners for the coat type and breed.

brown-and-white-shih-tzu with a pink brush

Checking For Infections

While a typical grooming session includes the basics of brushing, bathing, and cleaning a pup, the groomer also has to check the dog for any signs of infections, allergies, rash, or diseases.

This he will do during the session like he will clean the ears while checking for any signs of infection.

So if you are in Indio, CA, get your dog groomed by a professional dog grooming service like The Grand Paw and even treat him to some daycare fun.

We now offer affordable dog grooming services in Coachella Valley, California, as well as Cathedral City and Desert Hill Top.

Our full-service resort facility, located on 51750 Jackson Street, is complete with a play area, luxury suites, and a full-size swimming pool, as well as climate-controlled indoor playrooms for the fur babies.

We offer dog boarding and dog daycare facilities seven days a week. Contact us today to learn more about our services.