According to a study, sensory and physical enrichment impacts your canine’s overall health. These are vital to ensure your dog is mentally and physically stimulated.

You can take your furry pal for a run or a day at the park for physical stimulation, but what about their mental stimulation?

Here are some fun brain games to indulge in with your doggo.

Hide and go seek

We all know and love this game, but did you know that you could play it with your dog? Hide and go seek is an interactive game that you can play with your doggo to increase their mental stimulation. You can ask your dog to sit or stay while you hide and then call out to them so they find you. Give them their favorite treat when they do find you as a reward. Playing hide and seek allows your dog to use their tracking and smelling abilities.

Treasure hunt

Another game you can play to stimulate your canine’s senses is a treasure hunt but with treats instead of toys. You can hide some treats around the house after asking him to sit or stay. Once you’re done, command them to find the treats. Make sure to praise him every time as it’ll encourage his problem-solving skills. Playing treasure hunt will teach your dog to rely on his smelling senses and increase his brain function.

Treats and cups

The cup game utilizes some cups and treats. It is another fun yet straightforward brain game for your doggo. You hide the treats under a cup and then shuffle them around, making your doggo pick one cup and reward him with the treats if he guesses it right. This game induces mental stimulation and gives your doggo a chance to utilize his problem-solving skills.

Child in a red jacket training a dog to stand

Teach an old dog new tricks

Lastly, you might not consider teaching new tricks in a game, but it is the best way to stimulate your canine’s brain and keep him active. Teaching new tricks like leaping and learning names of things can help increase your dog’s brain function and also make it easier for you to train him.

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