Are you looking for some fun ways to keep you out of mischief meanwhile making them smarter? Incorporate a few fun and cognitive games into your dog’s daily schedule and keep them healthy and active. Studies suggest that at least one hour a day of exercise is essential to keep your four-legged friend fit.

However, that doesn’t always imply jogging with your dog for hours. Your dog will be sufficiently tired after an age-appropriate physical workout that promotes mental and social stimulation.

Playing games with your dog keeps them active and occupied. In addition, it’s an essential form of pet care. Most importantly, it stimulates them mentally and can be tailored to make them smarter.

Here are four entertaining games to play with your dog to keep them smart!

1. Play the “Hot and Cold” Game

The “Hot and Cold” game is an excellent way to get your dog’s mind working and at attention.  The “Hot and Cold” game uses vocal tone and verbal communication to assist your dogs in finding their treat or toys. Your instructions are solely based on the tone of your voice. When your dog is near the hidden object, use an excited or a “hotter” tone. However, if your doggie is straying away from the object, use a “colder ” tone.

This is a brilliant game to help your dog get smarter.

2. Hide and Seek

You probably enjoyed this game as a kid, so why not play it with your dog? Your dog needs to be familiar with basic instructions, such as ‘sit, stay, and come’ to make this game a success. Take them to a room and ask them to stay, then leave and go somewhere else. Call their name when you’ve located the ideal hiding spot to entice them to come to find you.

This game will make your dog quite excited and enthusiastic. Hide and seek doesn’t just get your dog hyper but also stimulates your dog’s mind and improves your dog’s cognition.

3. Make Your Agility Course

An agility course is a fun yet extremely cognition-friendly method to exercise with your dog. It’s a fast-paced course with tunnels and other obstacles that your dog must finish as quickly as possible. Agility courses heighten the senses and concentration levels of your dogs.

Prepare your mini agility course to engage your dog in a fun yet stimulated activity. You can always use treats as a form of reward to keep your doggies satisfied.

Making your dog run through an agility course contributes immensely to dog training as well.

4. Tug of War

A dog playing tug of war

Another mentally stimulating activity would be a tug of war. It’s enjoyable and engaging and makes for great physical and cognitive exercise. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to improve your pet’s control impulse, make them more obedient, and provide mental and physical stimulation. Contrary to popular belief, tug of war doesn’t make your dog dominant or violent. Instead, it strengthens the bond between you two and keeps their impulsive behavior in check.

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