Dogs do incredibly well with routine. They are creatures of habit, and that’s why they adapt very quickly and very well to a strict day-to-day routine, training, and habit building.

Having a routine helps make them feel more at ease, knowing when to expect playtime, meals, activities, walks, and training sessions. It also helps you as a pet parent because it makes managing and caring for them significantly easier and more predictable.

when setting boundaries and building a routine for your dog, you should be mindful of the impact that has on their development, and follow some of the tips and suggestions below:

1. Schedule meal times

Different factors such as the breed, size, age, and activity level will affect their eating habits and needs, and having a routine for food really helps. Depending on how frequently your pet eats, be it once a day or twice, keep the same time for meals. A lot of families choose to give their dog’s dinner at the same time as themselves, so it doubles as a bonding exercise and keeps your pet busy while you eat too. Whether it’s their mid-day snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner, stay as consistent as you can with the time, because their eating habits will determine other factors too,

2. Potty train them at the same time

among the factors, dependent on eating is when nature’s call arrives. Your dog will need to go around the same time every day depending on their eating habits, and even though it’s tougher to train puppies who need to go more frequently, you’ll get the hang of it the more their routine is consolidated. Potty training and housebreaking your pets will be easier this way, for both you and them.

Setting boundaries is important because it helps them know what's off-limits and what's okay.

3. Doggy daycare can help out

Doggy daycare and doggie daycamps are usually at the same time every day and meant to help pet owners discipline their pets and find reliable care while they’re at work, traveling, or other commitments. They will help your dog know that it’s time for them to head to camp when they’re heading home when they’re done playing, training, and socializing for the day. Having reliable pet care can simplify your daily routine by a lot, so get in touch with us to know more.

4. Let them rest as much as they need

While your doggy will be getting ample playtime and stimulation at day camp, they need a lot of time to rest and relax at home. Dogs need an average of 12-14 hours of sleep each day, but often their sleep is spaced out with periods of wakefulness. Let them rest, and it’s best if their sleep cycles link with yours, with sufficient overnight sleep being important to their growth.

It might seem like a lot to build a routine, but the payoff is definitely worth it. You can always ask us for advice and tips on managing your pet’s schedule and how we can help you with it.