Are you a person who thrives in social situations and loves meeting new people? Is your pet the opposite? It can be difficult for you to enjoy doing the things you love with your dog if they’re antisocial, and you haven’t realized this yet.

Can dogs even exhibit these kinds of personality traits? Absolutely!

This is especially true for our furry friends that are rescue pets from unhappy homes. A lot of times, these dogs haven’t gone through the socialization process. Similarly, if you’ve adopted a puppy, you may not have continued the socialization that puppies get from momma dogs, such as setting boundaries.

Signs your dog is anti-social

Here are some signs that indicate that your dog is anti-social and what you can do about it.

two corgis having a blast at dog daycare

No concept of personal space

Your dog has no concept of space, so they will often invade space—whether it’s other animals’ or people’s.

Dogs learn what their place is when they’re with other puppies as a part of a litter. Dogs that jump on top of people, nudge you regularly and don’t respect boundaries haven’t learned to do better, and need your assistance and patience.

Your dog walks you instead of vice versa

If a dog pulls too much at the leash when you take them for a walk, don’t let this behavior continue. Notice when your dog does this, such as when they see other pets or people on the walk, and work on that.

Make sure you stay calm throughout and stay assertive and ahead of the leash.

Hides when sees other dogs or people

If your dog avoids interacting with other dogs and people, try to teach them some social skills. Get them used to meeting other dogs and encourage them to play with them, with some one-on-one time perhaps.

Overexcited and desperate for interacting with other pets

If your dog exhibits overexcited behavior such as jumping, barking excessively, spinning around, etc. when you see them after coming home, they’re happy to see you.

But it also means that they don’t know what to do with their pent-up energy. Make sure that you don’t reward this behavior and make attempts to socialize the dog so that they can be a part of dog playdates.

Dos and Don’ts of dealing with antisocial dogs

  • Do try to stay calm and confident, because dogs tend to pick up on stress and anxiety.
  • Don’t avoid taking your pet out deliberately, as this will frustrate them even more.
  • Do check your dog’s body language and check for signs like them putting their tail between their legs. This means your dog is fearful, but it isn’t a reason for you to change routes.
  • Don’t force your pet to interact with other dogs if they don’t feel comfortable.

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