Don’t you ever want to go over to a friend’s place, crash on their couch, and eat from their fridge? A change of scenes and a friendly company can do you a lot more good than sulking alone at home.

It’s the same with dogs. They need their playtime away from humans as well, and our doggie daycare is ideal for that. Here’s why.

Find Friends

Is your pup a lonely fellow? Some socializing will do them good. Our doggie daycare is perfect for finding like-minded friends who are fun to be around. You don’t even have to worry about other dogs’ hygiene and health that your pet mingles with because we take care of that. We have animal experts on board who make sure your dog gets the supervision they need, and all their playmates are safe to play with.

Socializing is imperative for the grooming of your dog. It’s unhealthy for them to be restricted within walls; they would certainly enjoy the freedom of running around and paddling in the pool with other pups. Staying indoors can become solitary confinement that makes dogs unusually aggressive or timid.

Fun and Fitness

We know you enjoy every bit of your time with your pet, but some days are just tough. You don’t need to feel guilty for skipping the evening walk with your dog because of work. Our doggie daycare is just what your furry friend needs! We offer plenty of fun options that keep our dogs fit and healthy. From pool fun to running on grassy fields, our doggie camp is packed with thrilling adventures. This ensures that your dog gets a daily dose of fitness exercises the fun way.

Meet Other Pet Owners

There are some struggles that only another pet parent can understand, and it’s hard to find one in a grocery store or a dating app. That’s why we allow pet parents to mingle with each other when they drop their dogs at our daycare. Socializing with pet owners can help you find answers to problems you’ve been trying to resolve for months. This could revolve around anything from potty training to moody tantrums.

A vet nurse trimming a dog’s nails.


We provide dogs the opportunity to enjoy freedom but not without a watchful eye. All the dogs on our premises are always under strict supervision to ensure their safety and well-being. We have animal experts on our team who can look into potential health concerns and give your dog the grooming they need. We manage everything to keep your pup in the best shape, from shaving overgrown fur to clipping their nails.

We’re experts in pet care near Indian Wells who can share some of your pet parenting responsibilities. Our  doggie day camp is perfect for a day out for your dog, and it’ll help them make new friends. And don’t worry about bathing or trimming their nails beforehand; we’ll manage!

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