Are you leaving your dog at a daycare for the first time? It’s anxious for both you and your dog. If you’re not used to parting with your pet, you’ll find it hard to do that now.

But some dog daycares are fully equipped with amenities and security measures that make the place fun, comfortable, and secure for your pet.

If there is more than one option on the table, you’d need to do some digging and evaluation to settle on one.

Here’s all that you need to look for in a pet boarding facility before choosing one.

Vet the Place

Before you drop your pet off at a daycare, you need to know that the place is safe for your dog. Check out the space and see how hygienic the premises are. Check out the play area and see if they’re safe for your dog.

Check out the litter and make sure there are different boxes for each dog. Scan the place for potential furniture or sharp objects that can hurt your dog while playing. It’s also important to see how far the site is from your home. In case your pet feels scared and agitated, and you’re called in to pick them up, you should be able to cover the distance in a decent amount of time.

Check the Staff

The foremost thing about dog daycare centers is the staff that supervises the place. You need to make sure there are animal experts and caretakers on the premises who can keep the dogs in check. In case of accident or injury, your pet will need first aid by an expert.

Unless the daycare camp has that facility, it can be unsafe to leave your dog there for an extended period. Meet the staff members and assess how friendly and polite they are. It’s also crucial for your dog to get along with the people there; if they’re hostile from the beginning, you might need to stay for a while longer until they settle down.

A happy puppy running alongside a clear blue pool at a daycare.


Dogs tend to run away when scared or lost. The daycare should have a robust security system and secondary gates to prevent the dogs from escaping. You can’t fret over your dog’s safety during the time they’re at the daycare; they should offer assurance and proof that your pet will be safe. But this is unlikely to happen if the place has proper security cameras installed in each area.

At The Grand Paw, a dog daycare near Indian Wells, our pet care experts can assure you that your dog will be in safe hands. Our doggie day camp is fun, exciting, and perfectly suited for each furry guest’s comfort and security. We also provide luxury dog boarding facilities.

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