We, as pet owners, all have one goal in mind; giving our furry friends the best that we have to offer. Love and care are so important in helping them lead happy and fulfilling lives. But sometimes, no matter what we do, it feels like all our efforts aren’t enough.

For instance, finding activities that keep your pup stimulated and engaged can be hard. Have you questioned whether your actions are more than enough for their well-being? Unfortunately, many of us face that from time to time.

Having a meaningful connection bond with your four-legged best friend is more than just cuddling on the couch. Engaging in playtime sessions with your canine pal is an important part of owning a dog. But sometimes, we can be out of ideas. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a few ideas for a play session with dogs to make life easier. So let’s get started!

1. Hide & Seek

If you’re looking for a fun way to play with your pup, then Hide & Seek is the perfect classic game. All you have to do is hide somewhere in your house or outside. Then call out to them from another location, and allow your pup to come searching for you!

The key here, though, is teaching them the “come” command beforehand so that when you call their name, they know exactly what to do. You can start off with something as simple as calling their name from the other room and rewarding them with treats and lots of praise after they actually come in search of you.

It’s an activity that provides endless amounts of bonding and entertainment between the two of you and is also beneficial for your dog’s health.

2. Tug of War

Simple play session with dogs makes us forget about our stress.

Tug of war can be an awesome way of bonding with your dog and allowing them to have some movement that is good for its body. For this classic game, you’ll need a special tug toy, like a strongly woven rope or a robust rubber toy.

Invite your dog to join the play invitingly by holding up the tug toy and asking them to grab it. Start the game carefully by alternately gently pulling it back and forth so they sharpen their muscles to steal it from you.

For starters, we recommend letting them win a few times so they don’t tire out of disappointment if things become too difficult. Also, it’s an easy way to release their energy and work those muscles.

3. Barn Hunting

Barn hunting is an exciting dog sport that pits a canine’s natural hunting instincts against a maze of hay bales and tubes. If you want to introduce barn hunting into a play session with dogs, teaching them how to play first is a better idea. Start by introducing them to the rats’ scents and using rewards like treats and toys to keep them motivated.

Once your pup has got the hang of sniffing out those rats, you can work on their barn-hunting skills by setting up a maze for your dog. Build them a hay bale maze and hide PVC tubes throughout to give ’em an extra challenge.

Barn hunting is the perfect combination of mental and physical stimulation for your pup – they can flex their hunting skills, romp around outdoors, build confidence, and have tons of fun with you.

4. Laser Pointer Chase

Laser pointer chase can be a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy play sessions with dogs and bond with them. Not only is it incredibly fun and engaging, but it’s also quite simple. All that’s required on your part is a laser pointer and some determination to keep the game going for your pup. Just make sure never to aim that dot of light directly toward their eyes–that can cause permanent damage and should be avoided at all costs.

To begin a game of laser pointer chase, find a good size space that allows your dog the freedom to safely run around without any obstacles. Then, turn the laser pointer on and cast the light out onto the ground in front of your pup. From there, your pup will get a hint of what game this is and will try to chase the laser dot. As your dog catches the laser dot, move it around.

Make sure to move the dot in fun directions, like circles and zigzags, so your dog doesn’t lose interest or become bored.

5. Take on a Doggie Day Camp

Play session with the dogs

If you do not have the time to have a good playtime with your dog, let him have a play session with the dogs. 

At dog camps, professional trainers and pet care providers offer dogs hours of fun and enjoyment during their hours of freedom. Not only will your dog receive some much-needed socialization with other canine pals, but they’ll also be getting some mental and physical stimulation.

At these camps, your pooch can partake in exciting activities like agility courses, obedience training, and interactive games – all designed to help them express their true puppy potential.

Wrapping Up!

Play session with dogs

Keeping these five ideas for play sessions in mind you can create the best experience for you and your furry companion. Consider mixing up the activities to keep playtimes interesting for your pup.

If your pup deserves a vacation or requires socialization, head to The Grand Paw our full-service pet resort will give you loads of ideas to have a play session with dogs. Offering supervised playtimes and activities, your dog can explore, play with other pups, and get plenty of mental stimulation.

Not only this but with us, you can rest with peace of mind that your pet is safe and having fun in a controlled environment. After a day at The Grand Paw, your pup will come home tired but also super happy after all their new doggy experiences!

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