Dogs are weird creatures that share many personality features with humans. Dogs can get jealous if their owner is petting other dogs. They can display empathy when a person is crying in front of them. Dogs can read facial expressions and understand when you are showing them affection or when you are mad at them. And yes, dogs can even watch TV!

Dogs were first domesticated by humans more than 30,000 years ago, making them the first animals domesticated even before horses or Ruminant livestock. These people-like traits have been picked by dogs over the years, which is why they can mimic our actions and sense our moods so easily.

Do Dogs Like Watching TV?

dog watching TV

Dogs are intelligent enough to watch and react to anything that we show them on TV. They can easily perceive images similar to how they perceive their actual environment, and they can recognize different sounds, like dogs barking on TV and other sound effects.

Dogs generally identify their surroundings and whether they are familiar or unfriendly through their sense of smell. Even though their smell and vision are integrated, dogs can perceive images of other dogs or humans on TV and respond to them.

Dogs can watch TV with you for hours, but you must understand that whatever seems like normal images and movies to us may look different to our dogs. This is why to entertain your dog, you can stream a channel like DOGTV, as they organize relaxing, stimulating, and exciting frames for dogs that provide just the right amount of routine entertainment for your dog.

Dogs have lesser visual acuity as compared to humans. So if your dog wants to watch TV and seems to enjoy it, you can stream interesting clips like dogs running in fields rather than a slow-paced thriller movie. Your dog watching TV will love the former video and probably get bored while watching the latter.

They are comparatively more near-sighted, which is why dogs prefer to sit closer to the TV to watch their favorite shows.

Does My Dog Know That TV Isn’t Real?

A family watching TV with a dog

Some dogs watch TV rather seriously. Others will only show interest in giving company to their human friends. However, dogs do seem to show interest in other animals like dogs, cats, and birds that appear on TV and respond well to their sound like barking and chirping.

But recent studies show that the canine sense of smell not only allows the dogs to smell specific scents and objects but also changes in human emotions and body, like the onset of a disease. So if dogs rely so heavily on their nose to notice movement and sense things in their environment, it can be concluded that whatever dogs see on TV is just normal videos and images to them.

Since dogs cannot smell or sense the animals and other objects shown on TV, they might understand that they are not real.

However, dogs are very responsive to sounds. They might get excited or scared by the sounds on TV, just like they are scared of the 4th of July fireworks, or run towards their owner when they call out their name.

So if the TV sounds are communicating a message to the dog, they can respond to them. This is why you must be careful not to stream any channels with sound effects which can potentially disturb or scare your dog.

How Does Dog Daycare Benefit Your Dog’s Health and Provide Proper Entertainment?

Young couple sitting on the couch with their dog

People may perceive dog daycare as just a sittings service. But dogs actually love spending time at daycares and social clubs for pets. If your dog loves to spend time around other dogs, then introducing it to daycare will be an exciting journey as it will meet so many furry friends and socialize with other dogs.

Daycare centers like The Grand Paw, which is a dog boarding in Indio, CA, can arrange exciting activities for their dogs, like watching pet-friendly movies together, teaching them new tricks, and bringing all dogs together in fun activities so that they can socialize better and do not suffer with separation anxiety or depression.

What Kind of Content Do Dogs Like to Watch on TV?

Dogs would rather watch real animals on TV rather than a cartoon or live-action movie. You can go through different channels to see what grabs the attention of your pup, and if they are responding to the TV channel with excitement, you can continue streaming that one.

Dogs will show interest in videos that show other dogs playing, cats, birds, squirrels, etc.

Your dog will see blue, yellow, and green colors better on a screen, so try to stream something that predominately shows these colors.

If you see a dog watching TV, notice if it is wagging its tail, and showing visible interest, then you will know that whatever is coming up on screen interests them. If your dog seems distressed, have its ears pinned back against the head, or blinks rapidly, then change the channel on TV immediately because its contents are disturbing your dog or making it feel threatened?

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