Did you just get a new dog? How adorable! Whether it’s a he or a she, dogs make the loveliest pets—and companions. Besides being super cute, they require some training such as litter training. If you’re planning on sending your dog to a dog daycare center, you will need to ensure it’s litter trained before then.

Our experts at The Grand Paw are here to tell you how you can litter train your pup.

  1. Buy a Litter Box

The first step to litter train your pup is to buy a litter box. Amazon has many great options if you’re looking to order one online. You can even just get a cardboard box or a large plastic tub. It doesn’t matter what you get as long as it serves the same functions and purpose that a litter box does.

It should be big enough for your dog to comfortably get in and out of it. Along with a litter box, you will also be needing to buy litter to put in it. These can be paper pellets, or scented items to mask odor after your dog is done with the deed.

  1. Help Familiarize Your Dog With the Litter Box

In order to litter train your pup, you need to help it get familiar with the litter box. You can start doing this by teaching your dog that it’s a safe place. Encourage it to step into and sit in the box with commands such as “use the box.” Be patient and do this every day till it starts to understand and listen to your commands.

  1. Establish a Routine

Now that you’ve familiarized your dog with the box, establish a routine for it to use it. Set a regular schedule for your dog’s feeding times. Ensure you keep other food items away between feeding intervals. This will ultimately help set their ‘poo time’ routine and you can take it to the litter box every time it needs to relieve itself.

  1. Praise Your Dog

Positive reinforcement works like a charm every time you want your dog to develop a habit. Every time your puppy does the right thing, make sure you don’t forget to praise it. You can do this by giving it a treat such as its favorite cookies or cheering and clapping for it.

Be verbose and enthusiastic in your praise to make your dog feel like it has done the best thing in the world.

  1. Be Calm and Patient

an image of a dog

You can’t teach your dog anything if you’re not patient. Imagine how you’d feel if you were trying your best to learn something and someone scolded you for not getting it right – demotivated and bad about yourself, right?

Similarly, if you catch your dog defecating somewhere it isn’t supposed to, don’t lose your calm. Take a deep breath and start all over again by reinforcing its behavior till it does the right thing.

Litter training your dog can be tough, but with the help of these tips, it can be a breeze to do so. Our staff at The Grand Paw are experts in dealing with dogs of all sizes. We are popular for our doggy daycare, dog boarding, and dog grooming services in Indio.

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