Teaching your dog new tricks is a fun way to communicate and bond with your dog. You also get to entertain or impress your family and friends this way. Teaching your dog new tricks is easier than you think – even a beginner can do it! The key is to keep the training short and be patient with your dogs.

The Grand Paw is a luxury daycare and boarding center for dogs in Indio. We offer high-quality amenities for your pets. Our vast yard bordering Indio and La Quinta has various facilities, including dog resorts, swimming pools, and tropical grooming areas. Let’s learn to teach new and fun tricks to your dog.

Teach Your Dog To Give A Kiss

While many may not enjoy a wet, big doggie smooch, it’s quite popular with kids. Teaching your dog how to kiss will allow your pet to display emotions. You’ll be able to understand when your dog is happy or when it needs attention. By teaching your dog this trick, you can also avoid unwanted licking.

Grab a treat and hold your hand out. Slowly guide it towards your cheek. When your dog comes near to it, command your dog by saying, “Kiss.”

A woman teaching a dog how to shake paws at a doggy daycare near Palm Springs

How To Shake Paws

Teaching your dog to shake paws when friends come over. Dogs will love all the praises they get when they show this trick. It’s an easy trick to teach your dog. Hold up your palm to the dog’s chest. When they bring their paw up, gently shake their paws and give them a treat. You can repeat this trick several times until your dog understands.

Teach Your Dog To Beg

Isn’t it adorable to see your dog on its hind legs, begging for a treat while having its paws out? Even though it’s a little difficult, you can still teach your dog this trick by showing love and patience.

Keep your nose closer to your dog. Gradually move away while tapping on your dog’s nose. Once your dog stands up on its hind legs, tap its paws. Give it a treat to motivate them!

Teach Your Dog New Tricks With Professional Trainers At The Grand Paw

At The Grand Paw, we have a team of certified professional trainers who can teach your dogs various tricks. No matter how stubborn or aggressive the dogs are, they leave The Grand Paw well-behaved and satisfied. Our grooming and luxury boarding services in Indian Wells allow your dog to relax and socialize while the owners take a day off. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our dog boarding in Indio.